Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain :-*

Hi Guys!
I REALLY wanted to do this review. I wanted to share my opinion about this product because it seems like theres been some seriously mixed reviews on this product. It’s the L’Oreal Wet Shine Gloss Stains. Like I said, there are very mixed reviews about it and I wanted to say some things.

Some have been saying:
Its too watery…
Now im not gonna lie, it is watery at first but lets not forget about the fact that it IS a stain as well. If you think about most of the stains there, (Like Benefit’s Benetint) It is EXTREMELY watery. You of course have to let it dry a bit. Its not going to dry completely though because, as it says in the name, it is a gloss as well.
It doesn’t seem to be too pigmented…
I know we are all super used to an extremely pigmented gloss or pigmented anything..  I feel like the main goal of this product is for it to leave a tinted and glossy look

I know there has been some hype that this is similar to the YSL Glossy Stains.. I really cant talk about the glossy stains fully but I gotts say, ive seen some tutorial and such about it and I would say that they are pretty similar. I think the one important thing that people are forgetting about this product when it comes to pigmentation is to LAYER. I remember seeing a video by Fleur of FleurDeForce and she had to do about 3 layers for a really pigmented and glossy look. Now that ive said that, lets go back to the things people were saying about the gloss

Why is it too watery? It is watery because it is made to layer

Why is is not that pigmented?: Its because its giving us some power to control how much of a tint we want

My Opinion….?
I think it’s a GREAT product! It IS long lasting when layered and it feels very light weight. I loved that the glossyness of it stayed well. It also isn’t one of those lipglosses that you can get your hair stuck in. There is a feint scent to it and if you aren’t too into it, then there might be a problem. It smells a bit floral. I happened to not care too much about it but you guys be the judge. On one final note, the packaging is GORGEOUS! It looks very expensive; you know what name it is by the sticker under the cap and the little peek of it on the side. Only thing is that you NEVER know what name it is because its not on the packaging, but that could be a plus because it does look very elegant

Well, I hope this was helpful
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  1. I read mixed reviews too. Personally, I really like them! They're one of my favorite new products. Yes they can be layered for more pigmentation which makes them versatile. I like the scent as well.

    1. YES! im glad you agree. I really only saw mostly bad reviews and thats really unfortunate because its a great product!