Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring Accessories Haul

Hey Guys! 

I wanted to share this spring accessories haul with you guys. All of the necklaces are from eBay and the bracelets are from my mom from a boutique here. If you guys are more interested in finding out about these necklaces, I provided links below. Keep on reading to find out! 

When it comes to statement jewelry, I am a sure advocate of just buying them on eBay. I know forever 21 sells similar pieces but i feel like if i can buy it for less than $3, I would much rather buy them online. Only downside to buying online is that it takes FOREVER to get here. Most of the jewelry sellers are shipping from Hong Kong but I dont really mind too much.

Here are a few things that you will definitely see me wearing during spring (upcoming fashion posts? I think so!)

 Geometric Triangle Necklace: On the description, they said that this was a "sweater" necklace. Thats probably because it actually does hang pretty low. I still dont have a complain. I absolutely love this

Green Triangle Necklace: Green is actually pretty big this season. I love this necklace because unlike the first necklace, the triangles arent the same sizes. It hangs right in the middle of my chest which makes it a great semi-statement necklace

 Leaf Statment Necklace: This hangs similarly to the green necklace. I love this for spring. Nice and earthy for spring and I am excited to wear it! 

Multicolored Thread Braclets: After a long winter, I love a nice dainty bracelet to bring back some of the delicateness of spring. I got these at a boutique in Manhattan and im sorry that i cant find something similar but im sure they will come out with more similar styles soon.

Let me know which one you guys like the most in the comments below!

Till later, With Love
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