Saturday, February 16, 2013

Toms Haul Via UO ☮

Hey Guys! 
I wanted to share this super quick haul with you. I wanted to get it up before monday because the sale ends on monday. If you guys receive emails from UO (or Urban Outfitters to the non-hipsters lol), they were having a 30% their sale items. I JUMP at these sales. I usually stock up on accessories or shoes. 

There are several UOs that sell Toms. Its usually the free standing stores. Fortunately for me, i know a lot of UO stores that sell them. I was fortunate enough to find the Toms on sale for $40 (from $54), with an additional 30% off, I got all of them for about $28 each. Ergo, I stocked up! lol. I included links to where you could buy these if you guys are interested :)

Brown Metallic Herringbone Slip-on : These were a touch bit tight but Toms usually are like that and it takes a few wears for it to break in.

Fleece-Lined Slip-On: These fit PERFECTLY! I got them a size up and they are amazing on. They might be my favorites :)

Snow Leopard Vegan Classic: These were a tad loose. I did get them a size up just in case but I think i would have been ok with my regular size

Toms Tip: When it comes to buying Toms, 
sometimes it is BEST to try them on first. 
Some styles can either be loose, tight or true to size. 
All of the shoes I bought varied.

I guess its safe to say that im pretty set for spring! I always go on a Toms buying frenzy before spring comes and its nice to save a little money.


till later, with love
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