Friday, August 23, 2013

Butter London's Fiver

Hey Guys! 
I'm sure that everyone has that polish that they bought out of pure love for it but never wore it? This polish is mine. Butter London's Fiver. I finally decided to wear it this week because it needs to be worn and I cant really wear it in the fall (I'm weird like that)

Since the whole "mint green polish" is famous in all of the brands, I compared this polish with two of my favorite mint polishes as well. Anyway, if you guys would like to know my thoughts on this polish then keep reading :)

Fiver is a cool toned mint color. Its a cream color, purely cream but despite that fact it was actually fairly easy to apply. Not to thick or too runny. If you see from the pictures, you can notice that there are no streaks and it is very easy to do the perfect mani.

As for its color, like I said it is a cool toned mint color which is actually very unique. You'd be surprised to see how warm some mint colors are. It leans a little on the baby blue side of the spectrum but it still retains its "mint" status. But compared to other polishes, it does look more like a blue color. Alone, its pretty much a beautiful mint.

Here are the polishes that I used to compare with Fiver. I used the ever so famous China Glaze's Refresh-Mint and Essie's Absolutely Shore. As you can see, Fiver pretty much looks like a blue color. If you see Refresh-Mint, it looks like there is a touch of yellow in it. As for Absolutely Shore, I thought that it would be the closest looking color to Fiver but it actually is a little warmer still.

 Anyway, those are my thoughts on Butter London's Fiver, let me know what you guys think in this the comments below :)

till later, with love
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  1. This is a stunning mint shade! It looks amazing on your nails :D