Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Essentials: Nail Polish

Its time for the nail polish post for the Fall Essentials series! It is my second favorite season (first is Spring) for nail polish and I get very excited when it comes around. These polishes are mostly from my current collection. I dug around and saw great polishes that would be great for the season.

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• China Glaze's Argo. This polish is a wonderful earthy green color. I am not usually a fan of shimmer polishes but this is the time that I usually break out the shimmers (and you will see it along this post). This is a gorgeous color for the fall and even a great color for Halloween if you plan on being a zombie. Rawr.

Essie's Berry Naughty. Nothing screams fall other than a night burgundy color, specially a cream finish. Berry Naughty is a fairly old polish (again) but this is my absolute favorite. It has a slight jelly finish but still nice and dark. Be a little careful with polishes like this because it does stain a bit.

• Butter London's Black Night. Something about this polish is a very beautiful. Maybe its the multicolored glitter, or maybe the fact that it is suspended in a gorgeous semi-opaque black polish. This polish just reminds me of a galaxy pattern, which actually is pretty big right now. If you dont feel like rocking the galaxy trend, then this is the polish to try!

• Orly's Rage. This polish might look bright for fall but you cant always wear dark colors for fall. This would be a great polish to switch it up a bit. If you're into the dark colors (like I am) for your wardrobe, a bright and sparkly polish would be great. Rage is a nice metallic color and its rose gold! I am a huge rose gold fan and I hope that this trend doesn't go away.

• Essie's Chinchilly. Tis the season of greige polishes! To some that don't know what "greige" is (some including my friends), it is pretty much "grey" and "beige". That's it lol. This is a cult favorite and I do believe that this polish is very easy to find. I find this polish to be a very neutral color so it suits everyones skin tones. This polish pretty much defines the combination of grey and beige so I would think that this is a pillar for the term.

• OPI's Keys to my Karma. A nice red polish is absolutely necessary for the fall. Well, its necessary for pretty much any time but something about red just pops in the fall. This is my absolute favorite red polish because it is bright but still fairly dark. Granted, this is an old polish but this is a very easy polish to dupe.

• Zoya's Jem. Now I'll be honest, I originally bought this polish because its a nail polish that's my name, but when I put it on my nails I actually really loved it. Its a dark purple but nothing too dark. I usually use the super dark purples for winter. The thing that lightens this polish is the gold shimmer.

Well I hope I helped inspire you guys to dig through your nail polish collection and find some polishes for the season.

till later, with love
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  1. Awesome picks! I am really excited for Fall because of the nail polish Fall trends :)