Monday, September 16, 2013

NARS & Sephora Haul :)

Hey Guys! 

Ok, I know I kinda have been posting a lot of hauls, but I am trying to get all my "makeup buying" urges out before I go into a "no buy". If you guys want, I will totally post something about that. Meanwhile, this is another haul that I wanna share with you guys! Mostly higher end products but I think you guys will enjoy it!

Keep reading to see what I got!

NARS Duos!
My mother and I took a little trip to the nearest CCO (which is actually quite far!) And she saw me freak out over the NARS duos! I only have 2 duos in my collection and I've been wanting to build it up. I think there was some type of special discount because we only got it for $10! I picked up three that didn't look too crazy and frankly, I am excited to try them out! 

• Brumes - This was the first duo that I picked up. Mainly because of the left color. Its a beautiful dark taupe color. It is also matte! That would be great for the colder seasons for the crease. The right color is a nice shimmery gunmetal color.

• Grand Palais - This duo might seem a little crazy just because of the pinks, but if worn with an earthy brown. The lighter color is shimmery and the pink color is a matte one. I cant wait to try this out!

Windstar - Now you guys can tell with this duo is that it has some chunky glitter. It reminds me of those Urban Decay shadows with the same type of glitter. I have yet to try it, so if you guys want a review, let me know! The left shadow is a pinky flesh tone color while the right shadow looks like a light peachy gold

Now for my Sephora goodies! 
Its very dangerous to venture on the Sephora website for no reason. I saw that the Sephora nail polishes were 3 for $10 and I really loved the glitters that they were selling. I also had the Deborah Lippman glitter polish in my cart for a while so the polish sale justified my purchase. 

Deborah Lippman Glitter Polish in Shake Your Money Maker - Ive seen so many swatches of the new glitter polishes and I kind of plan on buying more of them but this was the one that I loved the most! It has all kinds of chunky glitter and some smaller teal flecks.

Now, like I said the Sephora by OPI polishes are 3 for $10 and these were the polishes that I resonated with the most. They seemed the most unique to my collection.

• Give Peach a Chance - Its a gorgeous neutral shade. And when I say neutral, I mean it! It doesnt look too pink or too yellow. I have yet to try it but it look opaque.
• Mauve-ie Star In The Making - This glitter looks amazing! I am definitely doing a post on this soon. It has light pink and lavender hexagonal glitters and it has gold bits throughout. Its gorgeous!
• G-listen To Your Heart - This glitter has a monochromatic color. Its a nice magenta color but it has different sizes. Again, fairly unique to my collection.

Murad Advanced Radiance Serum - This is just a deluxe sample from a code I got. This is a pretty good size too! I love getting codes for deluxe samples because I actually get to finish the product

and who doesn't love Sephora samples!

If you guys want reviews on these or swatches, please let me know in the comments below!
till later, with love
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