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Review: Ipum Eyelid Glue

Hey guys! 

So I decided to venture off a bit and do a review on a product and brand that I never tried before. It is the Ipum Eyelid Glue! I heard that eyelid glue was good if you're trying to reshape your eye shape and this was the first one that came up while I was looking in Amazon.

If you guys are curious to know what I think of it, keep reading! 

So like I said, I heard that using eyelid glue helps to shape your eye and I've always had uneven and hooded lids. I make do, but sometimes it is inconvenient. Not to mention, I have oily lids as well. I thought I would try it out for a bit.

The eyelid glue comes with the glue (obviously) and a stick type of device that lets you hold the eye shape, also some instructions and such. Some of my friends have used eyelid glue so I was fairly familiar but this was my first hands on experience.

As you can see, the glue itself has a blue kind of duo chrome which makes things easier to see when applying. But, like eyelash glue, It dries clear.

The applicator is very simple, it looks exactly like a liquid liner brush. Nothing too special other than the fact that it looks a bit thicker and the brush is a lot more stiffer than some liner brushes.

Here are the result of the glue! I know it looks a touch bit weird, but if you notice, there is another crease that was formed in my eye. It may not look like much but this actually made my lid a lot bigger. Hopefully over time, my crease gets more comfortable with this. This was my first experience with it and it was not as horrible as I thought

...A few notes,
• I thought that the glue felt really tacky even after it was dried. It felt a bit weird, like there was something sticky on my eyes
• I also thought that this was gonna be like eyelash glue, be warned that it definitely is NOT lol
• As for removing it, I tried using my best eye remover (The L'ancome one) and it did not come off completely. I felt a slight residue on my lids and it was difficult to remove.

So that is my of review to the Ipum Eyelid glue! My basic gist of it is, if you have bigger lids, or you're not comfortable trying out new things, I suggest skipping this. I purchased this mainly because of the whole "reshaping my lids" thing and so far, it hasnt been too horrible.

That's it guys! 
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