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Review: NYC Plumping Lip Gloss

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So I wanted to share my review of the NYC Plumping Lip Gloss that I got from my VoxBox this month, If you guys are interested in knowing more about my VoxBox, click on the link :)

Anyway, on to the review and I have fair opinions about the product

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Now like i said, I got this product from my VoxBox. Even though i got this product for free and was given to me for consideration doesn't mean I wont give my honest opinion about it.

First thing is first, I don't usually buy anything from NYC, It was one of the first brands that I purchased from when I just started being interested in make up. It was a great experimental brand but my taste for make up has changed over the years.

My first thought of this product was the color. This shade is in Pleasantly Plump Pink and I actually quite like it. Its a light peachy-pink shade, that isnt too bright to be unwearable for day time. It does have a bit of a shimmer to it. Its a silvery shimmer too which is really unique to peachy lip colors in my opinion. But the shade worked. Its one of those "my lips but brighter" colors.

As for its pigmentation, It was just as I suspected. It was fairly sheer for the most part and the texture of the gloss is not too sticky so I can suggest a second layer if you wanted more of a color on your lips. Good thing about it, is that it doesn't apply as just a "clear" gloss.

Now let's talk about mechanics. And by that, I mean the wand. I have very defined lips so I always judge the lip wands on tubed lip products. From the picture, you can see that it looks like a regular doe foot applicator.. but lets compare to a standard doe foot ok?

LOOK HOW HUGE THAT IS! Granted I myself have fairly big lips but THIS IS A HUGE APPLICATOR! It reminds me of the MAC Wonder Woman glosses. Now, bigger doesnt always mean better. This applicator is a bit hard for me to use due to my very defined lips. Its was very easy to go outside of my lips.

As for it's plumping quality, since it IS a plumping gloss. I gotta say, it didnt do much for me. I wasnt able to take a picture of my lips (due to my crap camera lol) but when it comes to plumping glosses, for me, the more it hurts the better it works. I grew up using the Too Faced Lip Injection gloss so I was used to plumping glosses to "sting" a bit. This however is more of a "minty" hurt. It was pleasant, but like I said, I wasnt used to that feeling. So I would say that this would be a good gloss for beginners.

FINAL VERDICT? I would say this is a great gloss for beginners or anyone who wants to ease into plumping glosses without being too overwhelmed with the pain. I like the product, but I probably would not repurchase just because of the wand, Formula is great though!

Do you guys have this product too? If you do, let me know in the comments!

till later, with love

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