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Wet N Wild LE Fall Trio Review + Swatches

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So this is my review + swatch post on the Wet N Wild Limted Edition Fall Trios. I actually didnt want to purchase all of the new one, but when I saw them in store, I just had to get it!

If you guys are interested in knowing more about these trios, keep reading :)

So just a few facts, These are the only three limited edition shades. The rest of the trios are part of their permanent line if you guys are interested in them. Anyway, here are trios...

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura contains a matte muddy crease defining color for the "browbone" shade, a peachy "crease" color with gold sparkles and a dark denim blue shade with light blue sparkles for the "eyelid" color. 

Browbone: It was fairly hard to swatch but like i said on top, its a "crease defining" shade. It is nice and buttery also it is quite blendable without losing the color completely.

Crease: When I first saw this shade, I thought that there would be a yellow shimmer but this looks more like a satin peachy shade. For me, Its a lot like my skin tone but has a slight shimmer.

Eyelid: This shade was not as pigmented as i thought. I expected it to extremely pigmented but it actually took about 2-3 layers to get the desired color from the pan. It is very clearly blue though which is good because it isnt just a black shade with blue shimmer.

Grays Matter

  Grays Matter contains an icy blue shimmer shade for the "Browbone" color with a bit of purple in the mix making is a bit lavender, a neutral plum with a slight shimmer for the "Crease" shade and a very matte "Eyelid" color thats a dark purple color.

• Browbone: I was disappointed by this shade. I was excited for this because I personally like icy blue shades for the inner crease. This shadow was not very pigmented. It look about 3-4 layers to get the shade above. 

• Crease: This is probably my favorite shade in the trio. In the pan, it looks like a satin shade, but when applied it looks matter. This is a nice plum shade but it actually looks like a brown in some lights. 

• Eyelid: This is the only true matte shade in this palette and this was a home run. Its a beautiful dark purple shade and very pigmented. Very buttery and amazing to use. 

Silent Era Film

 Silent Era Film is probably the most pigmented out of the three trios. It contains a slightly neutral pink for a "Browbone" shade, a muted down brick red shade for the "Crease" color and a  dark gray shade with very small silver shimmers.

• Eyelid: This shade is a lot like the browbone shade in the Grays Matter trio. It isnt the most pigmented shadow, but it is a lot more pigmented than the Grays Matter shade. Its a little too blendable to the point where it could disappear. It is very shimmery too

• Crease: I'll be honest, I really dont find a way to wear this out but it is a beautiful formula. It is blendable but still keeps its vibrancy and its color. Let me remind you that this is also a matte! This color is definitely gonna be a challenge for me to use but I am willing to try it

• Eyelid: This is a very pigmented shade! and I very much mean that. It acts as a satin shade with a touch of shimmer. Its a beautiful shade but it is a bit hard to blend. I would suggest using this for when you wanna smudge a liner.

I will hopefully be posting looks on these shades but I hope that you guys enjoyed this post!

till later, with love

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