Saturday, December 21, 2013

Perfect Palette Tag

Hey guys!
So I know this tag has been going around for a few months now, but I just recently got into it and watched about every single video on this, but I wanted to do my own post! and it is the Perfect Palette Tag!

1. Best Packaging: Tarte's True Blood Palette
I know this might not be everyones cup of tea in terms of packaging, but I personally LOVE the packaging. Big fan of the show, and they really did amazing with the packaging.

2. Best Color Payoff: LORAC Unzipped Palette
This might be the most pigmented shadows that I've dealt with. the most pigmented *neutral shadows is what I mean. They are so colorful but work so well and blend greatly!

3. Most Versatile: Sephora Palette
I got this palette as a gift and I was going to return it but I am so glad that I didn't! I use this all the time for my clients because it is such a great palette. Its one of those "take them out and put them in a smaller palette" kind of design. Its great for my kit because I dont like holding up a big bulky palette while doing make up on someone. This way, I get to pick 9 different colors and just hold the smaller palette in my hand.

4. Best For Traveling: LORAC Mini Mint Palette
This palette is actually my second choice for this category, I'll show you guys my first choice in a bit BUT this is a great palette for traveling. I personally dont do a lot of traveling myself but if I were, This would be perfect. The colors are those "lid color and blend up" colors so its totally hassle free. There's also a blush wearable for anytime

5. Biggest Regret: Charlotte Ronson's Palette in Pamela
OH MY GOODNESS WHY? I got this palette a long time ago (about a year) and the reason why I got it was because I believe it was on sale or it was one of the Sephora 500 point perk (something like that). The colors look great and all but there is NO pigmentation, NO lasting power, and NO use! The colors have big chunky glitter and they fall the minute you put them on. Its just horrible...

6. Best Color Names: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland
Urban Decay actually redid the names for this palette. They were very thoughtful with the naming. I didnt watch the movie until I got this palette, and I found myself going along with the names of the shadows. It was very cute and this palette is also very sentimental to me because it was the first ever "high end" palette that I ever got. 

7. Least Used: UD Book of Shadows Palettes
Well, I am one of those people that collects the Urban Decay book of shadows. I always think at the time that these palettes are such a good idea. They're pretty, there is a lot of shadows and you get 2 liners with it. It actually is a great bang for your buck but to be honest, I barely touch these palettes. Mainly because they are SO bulky. I wanted to depot the shadows but that would defeat the purpose of the palettes. But now that I realized this, I hope that I will start to use them more often! 

8. Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island: Naked Palette
YES. This is probably THE most sought after, the most talked about palette ever in the make up world. I still remember hunting this down and I do NOT regret a single moment of it. I LOVE this palette and this palette has also been through a lot with me. There isnt a day when I dont use this palette. Whether it be just a highlight or for the entire look, but I love, love, LOVE this palette. 
So that is IT for my Perfect Palette Tag! I hope you guys all do this too, but I really want to see a tag post from Dark Side Of Beauty and Beauty Redefined by Pang.

Till later, with love.
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  1. The UD book of shadows are my least used too, lol, and I only have 2 of them, thankfully. This looks like a fund tag. I'll definitely do it :D