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Review: Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Icon

Hey Guys! 

So this is my review for the Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Icon. I mentioned that in my Sephora VIB Haul that I was going to do a review of this and here it is! Warning, there is a lot of love in this post for this product

Keep reading to see my review...

Let me first get this out and say that I LOVE liquid lipsticks. I love those lip products that are in gloss tubes, pigmented like a lipstick and stay on like a stain. It save me so much on reapplying. Even though I have plenty of loved liquid lipsticks, I was still on a search for a light feeling, yet stay on forever and guys, I think I found it :)

Lets talk mechanics first, The applicator of the gloss is fairly normal. I looks like an elongated doe foot applicator. Its a bit more precise at the end which is awesome because this product stays the minute you put it on. The packaging is also very nice and chic. It feels heavy for its size though. You can really tell that its a higher end product

Now lets talk about the actual lip product, This is described as a "liquid lipstick" and I really is true to its name. But, unlike the liquid lipsticks in the market, this is fairly flexible as opposed to those that "crack" over time. It is VERY pigmented which can be a good thing and a bad thing. You have to be pretty precise, like I said, from the very beginning.

When swatched, it doesnt look extremely pigmented but it actually is! From the swatch, it looks glossy but it actually dies to a matte, but not dry feeling finish. It is a gorgeous dark red color. I wouldnt say that this is a cool toned, or warm toned red. That is probably why it would be great for any skin tone.

Here is a lip swatch, I apologize for my horrible skin lol. This is actually just one layer and if you can see, it isnt incredibly precise. It takes some time to get it how you'd like it. Specially with people with very defined cupids bows. As for the color, the one layer is very pigmented but it doesnt show true to color. Its a bit brighter but I would say, two layers is good for its true "Icon" color.


All in all,  I would repurchase this product over, and over. This is an unbelieveable product. And I was not even too bothered with the price point because it is well worth it.

let me know in the comments what you think of this product! Also, let me know if you guys know any nice blue toned red colors :)

till later, with love
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  1. oo that's my kind of color and dries matte? I want!