Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another day, Another Ulta Haul.

Hey guys! 

Yup, you guessed it, I have another Ulta Haul! This time, I bought from online. Im starting to buy so much online now just because I LOVE using ebates! If you guys arent familiar with it, I will post a link down below for a referral link. Anyway! lets get on to the Ulta haul! 

Keep reading to see the goodies that I got!

The OPI Push and Shove nail polish
So the thing that initiated the purchase was this. I actually was gonna buy this at the store but I had a feeling it was sold out. It is suppose to give you a mirrored chrome effect without all the glitter that you'd usually find. I will definitely do a separate post on this polish because I am very excited about it! I also saw a few mixed reviews on it, which is why I feel like I want to share my thoughts on it as well.

LORAC Rockin' Red 3D Lustre Shimmer Set
If you guys saw from my Top 13 of 2013, youll see that the LORAC 3D glitter was a part of that list. I actually ran out of mine and I intended to replenish it BUT! I saw this set on the Ulta website. It was $28 for 4 FULL SIZED of the 3D lustres! and there were 3 limited edition colors. I just HAD to get it. If you guys are curious, these are online only and yes, I will be posting about this soon! but from the multiple exclamation points that I have typed, you can see that I am very excited!

Ulta Brand X-Dry Top Coat
I actually just picked this up because it was on sale. Now I am not the biggest fan of this top coat because I dont think it actually is a fast drying top coat BUT i do love using this for my jewelry. Specially since the more cheap jewelry that I have fades all the time. 

Hot Tools Paddle Brush
Again another thing I got on sale. Everyone needs a good paddle hair brush and mine is on its way out. I also love the longer bristles just because it is so much easier to detangle my hair with it. This particular one is from Hot Tools.

Samples galore!
I love shopping at Ulta in store, but I LOVE the samples they give when I shop online. they are SO generous! you'd never get anything like this from Sephora. We all know that you get 3 samples when you order from Sephora. If you are unfamiliar with how the sample system is at Ulta, they ask you to pick a type of pack and it'll be a surprise, which is awesome because you'll never know what you will get.

Well, thats it for now! look out for my soon posts on the LORAC set and the OPI polish! 

till later, with love
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