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LORAC's Rockin' Red 3D Lustre Set Review + Swatch

Hey guys!  
So like I said from my Ulta Haul that I just posted, I was going to do a swatch post on the LORAC 3D Lustre set that I got from that haul. If you guys saw my Top 13 of 2013, you'll see that the 3D lustres are one of my favorites this year! 

Keep reading to see what these lustres look like and what I think about them!

So this set comes with four different colors of the 3D lustres. It had Diamond, which is a permanent shade, Platinum, Amethyst and Topaz (the last 3 are limited edition).  Here are my descriptions of the colors. 

DiamondA bright white and gold shimmer, quite close to being a glitter
Platinum: A cool taupe shade with a touch of pewter
Amethyst: A dark and earthy purple
Topaz: A bronze and rose gold shimmer

Like I said the set includes four of the lustres and they are all full size! Lets do a bit of math. Each one costs $16 and I got this set for $28. That isnt even the price of 2 vials! If you guys have tried this product, this is an incredible deal. And as for me, I know I will get a ton of use out of these!

Swatches and Review!

Here are the swatches of the lustres...

Diamond: This is pretty much exactly how I expected it. I know I said that this is a white and gold mix, but if shined on a specific angle it can look different. It is very pigmented and one drop is good for both eyes. 

Platinum: This color looks a lot more like a pewter than a taupe. It actually leans very silver to me. Just like the Diamond shade, this one is very much pigmented. It acts a lot like a shadow and less like a "glitter" so it definitely fits the shimmer aspecet

Amethyst: This one is also similar to the Platinum shade. It is more like a shimmer as opposed to a glitter. This is less pigmented tho. Since this has the least shine out of the four, It expected it to be the least pigmented. It is very true to its color though!

Topaz: This color looks bronze away from the light but its shine looks like its a rose gold (which is awesome to pair my Naked3 palette with). It is fairly pigmented and this one is a perfect mix between a shimmer and a glitter. It is pigmented enough to be the shimmer, but still shines like the glitter.

Here is a more far away shot to show you how shiny they really are. Kind of amazing that these are more "wearable-daytime" glitters.

So my final thoughts is that GET THIS SET! 
...ok, I might be a bit biased because I love the 3D lustres but I honestly think this product is worth it

I think I will be doing a "How to use the LORAC 3D lustre" post soon enough because I feel like this is a life changing product. 

Anyway.. Let me know what you think of these swatches in the comments below.

till later, with love
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