Sunday, January 19, 2014

OPI's Push and Shove Polish Swatch + Review!

Hey Guys!

Here is my not so long awaited review and swatch of OPI's Push and Shove polish from the Gwen Stefani line! If you saw my Ulta Haul from just a few days ago, I mentioned that I really wanted this. So here are my thoughts on the polish! 

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If you guys follow my Instagram, youll see that I posted a picture on this so you guys would probably get a little preview if you followed me. I really couldnt wait to swatch and try out the polish as soon as I got the package! 

It is pretty easy to put on, just lay a small coat of the base that they provided you with and apply 2 coats to it. What I'm showing you now is 3 very light coats. It just wanted it to be very opaque and give a sure "mirror" effect. 

 I would say this is as close as you can get to the "mirror" look without using nail wraps. right?

The packaging says that it is a "chrome" finish, but I think its an understatement. I would honestly say that they can use "mirror" finish because it pretty much is!

I'll admit, there was some chipping right away after but thats expected because of their claim. The polish was still very opaque and true to what they said. I believe that you can use whatever base you wanted too as long as it gives you a smooth surface or the mirror effect would be bumpy..

As it said on the packaging, this polish is suppose to be a "one time" wear kind of polish but if you put on a top coat, im sure you'll be fine. As for my first wear, I didnt really wear a top coat because I wanted to see how the wear is and I gotta say, its not all that horrible. I'll admit they weren't perfect as they were but not bad

Anyway,  let me know what you think of this polish in the comments below! Think you'll pick it up too?

till later, with love

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  1. wow it's pretty! It looks like you dipped your nails into liquid silver. I want but maybe I'll wait see if it goes on sale.