Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat

Hey Guys! 

So if you saw my most current Sephora Haul, youll know that I recently purchased the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. Here are my thoughts on the blush! 

Keep reading for review and swatches of the blush.....

Diffused heat is described as a "vibrant poppy" from the Sephora website. Since it is a "marble" type of product, then every single one would be different.

Here is a swatch of this blush. It looks VERY light on my skin right now and I honestly thought that this was gonna be much darker than the swatch. Im gonna guess that I got much more of the white part in my blush but nonetheless, it looks amazing on me.

Here is a beautiful close up shot. The marbling is quite B-E-A-Utiful isnt it? This is probably the main reason to why I wanted this blush. It just looks breathtaking!


This is it applied more heavily but DONT BE FOOLED! Its very easy to have a heavy hand on this blush. so like I said be a bit cautious.

- Definitely long lasting, after everything faded, I still found remnants of the blush after a long day
- Though light, still blends in beautifully
-  leaves a beautiful and natural looking glow
- Not crazy pigmented! making it much easier to work with
- Beautiful packinging! Its not the usual pewter packaging. Its much lighter and the rest.

- PRICEY! I understand that it is a great product and I wanna buy more but DAMN! For 35 buck a pop, It costs you a bit for this blush
- Might be inconsistent. Like I said, this is a marble product so I feel like the color might be different each time you purchase a new one.

Overall, I love this product and yes.. I want to buy more of them once they go and stock Sephora stores. My advice while buying? Definitely try to go and get a feel for the blushes. Swatch em! If you cant, do your research.

So, thats it! hopefully you guys found my review useful in some way. Let me know if you guys picked this up or if there is any blush you think I might like! 

Till later, with love.

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