Saturday, May 31, 2014

French Manicure, Revamped! ft. Rose Gold

I'm sure that we have all had a french manicure before. Theyre a classic stye, nice, simple and elegant. But in this day in age, it does seem a bit dated. Here is my favorite way to show off your love for the French Manicure, with a more modern twist! 

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I'll be honest, This was actually not my idea. I know people have been doing the color accent french manicure for a while now, but when I saw Eva Chen's Instagram, I knew right away that I HAD to do it! 

 Gorgeous, isn't it? Find the original IG post HERE

Here is my rendition to that manicure..

The rose gold "fad" seems to have evolved from a "fad" to a "forever". There is something about the many rose gold shades that looks good on anyone. (Specially for any tan skinned people) It pretty much blends into your skin and shines. So why not incorporate it into your manicure? 

For this, I used China Glaze's Poetic for the tips and OPI's Dont Burst My Bubble for the base polish. These polishes of course were used because it does the best for my skin tone, but feel free to use anything that looks good for your skin tone. If you saw Eva's manicure, she had a bit of a darker rose gold and it is obviously thinner due to her shorter nails

Of course, if you dont like rose gold, you can always shop your personal stash and apply the tip with your favorite colored polish! The world is your oyster! do dump the regular french tip and go out with a bang! 

Let me know in the comments what you think of this polish!

till later, with love 

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  1. I love it! It's so pretty! I'll need to try this too.