Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Victoria's Secret VoxBox! #VSSportTester

Hey guys!

So I was fortunate enough to receive another Influenster VoxBox this month! This time, it was from Victoria's Secret. I must say, I am extremely excited about this. Most of the boxes that I get are geared towards college or school products, so when I got the email about a "fashionista" box, I was elated!

Keep reading to see what I got from this VoxBox!...

So you may ask, what prompted Victoria's Secret to send these wonderful pink boxes, well they have a new line of sports bras that they developed. They are suppose to be new innovative styles of sports bras. I saw a few of them myself during a trip to Victoria's Secret

Here is what is inside my box! I would say Victoria's Secret and Influenster got really generous with this box and I am super grateful.

They included some really cute colored socks from there VSX Sport line (retail price: $29.50). These socks are suppose to be resistant to bacteria growth. Which sounds gross, but how do you think stinky feet come from? I noticed some of the people got water bottles instead, but I am really happy I got socks. One can never have enough socks!

They also included this super cute light pink tape measure. I think these are the exact same ones that they use in the store. This is a cute way to see your progress with your fitness journey. For me, I don't exactly use any numbers when it comes to my journey and I DO suggest that. Measure how you feel, not the numbers

Now for the main course! The sports bra herself! The sports bra that I got was the Knockout by Victoria's Secret Sport Bra. According to the pamphlet that I got along with the box, this bra provides the maximum coverage when it comes to their line. I think I will be doing a review on this in a week or so. So keep a look out! 

If you dont need too much coverage (like myself), then don't fret! Victoria's Secret has NINE versions of their bras that you can choose from. They range from how much coverage that you might need. I am a B cup, so Ill report back on how I feel about the bra.

I couldnt be more excited to be a part of the Victoria's Secret Sport VoxBox and even more excited to be a #VSSportTester!

So if you have any health or fitness tips that you'd like to share, please comment them or link them down below! 

till later, with love
DISCLAIMER: All products were sent in consideration for testing 

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