Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jouer Liquid Lipstick Trio Swatch + Review

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I've been bored, bored of all the same brands I've been using for all this time. I feel as though I'm in a makeup brand rut and I've stumbled across a new hobby of him. Call me the Indiana Jones of new makeup brands! (Well, new to my collection anyway). While Jouer is not a new brand to most, I myself am Jouer virgin. I follow their founder Christina meticulously on social media mainly because she is so incredibly poised and well rounded. I loved that, I aspire to be her, But I digress. Well, one day she previewed Jouer's holiday line and I saw how great of a deal the holiday sets (specifically the matte lip creme set) were and I pounced on them. I thought I should share my thoughts and opinions on these lip creme. 

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It seems like the liquid lipstick craze has not yet faded! We're still seeing brands come out with their own version of the "perfect liquid lipstick" and as makeup addicts, we are first in line to try regardless of us knowing how the formula is (guilty of that for sure!). I know Jouer has been making huge waves on social media lately and I thought "Why not see what all the hubbub was about?" So when they came out with this set, I thought that I would be a perfect opportunity to try these suckers out. 

First Impression when I got them: Hmm.. I guess they like sharp edges, and you know what? I think I like it too. I love the sleek design of it. Very minimalistic yet extremely chic. I love the radial design of the box, even though I know that's only for the holidays, I appreciated the thought. 

Back to logistics, the set comes with 3 full sized (I know right?!) matte lip cremes. Two of them are metallic shades (Cranberry and Clove) and one pure matte (Winter Rose). 

Here are the swatches.. Pretty right?

They go on incredibly smooth, and I completely understand why they're called lip cremes. They have more of a mousse like texture, which probably attributes to their pigmentation. Its a little easier to hold pigment if the medium is in a more viscous (scientific definition: less resistance to flow, layman's terms: thicker lol) fluid. Because of this, you have a window of time to fix up any mistakes you may have made. 

As a liquid lip connoisseur myself, I think this would rank on my Top 10! But let me break it down

What I like: 
• The thicker consistency. It's different from the usual "apply fast and go" and it lets you make some mistakes here and there (hey, not everyone is perfect)
• High pigmentation. Like I said, the thicker consistency allows the pigments to adhere to them so it makes it easier to apply a full coverage lip easily
• Metallic Shade Specific, the shine of it is stun-ning! I've only used matte finishes on the liquid lips, and while I still love it, this metallic lip has opened my eyes to it. 

What I don't like:

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