Saturday, January 21, 2017

The beginning of Eyeliners & Engineering

After a long hiatus from blogging, I thought it was time to get back at it. I've felt more and more inspired to get back at it. The main reason for my much need break was because I felt like my blog posts were getting too hollow and pretty repetitive. While I enjoyed making them, I felt no inspiration from them... 

I searched a bit to find a voice for my blog and I found it from one of my all nighters studying for a test. I am deranged biomedical engineering student who has a slight obsession with makeup. During the so called all nighters, I was taking a break and during my breaks I usually look through my drawers and stare at my makeup. (weird, I know). Since it was late at night, I would just look. I didn't wanna put a full face of makeup on at 4 in the morning with piles of homework. And that's when I realized both of my worlds can co-exist peacefully, and thrive together. 

Which came the inspiration for Eyeliners & Engineering. The birth child of my two passions. Makeup and Math Equations. I wanted to introduce the amazing world of STEM (more specifically, the "E" part of STEM) while pairing it along with makeup posts (yet another love of mine). The number of women in the STEM community is a small, but we are a strong and supportive group. I, for one, love being a part of it. I find that it is my obligation to help grow our group and since the makeup community is huge, I find that it's a great place to find recruits! 

Did You Know! that while young girls excel in math and science, societal roles often steer them away to having a career in STEM. Over the years, I've heard it all. "Math isn't for girls", "Science is too hard!" or "Engineering is a woman's job". Meanwhile, the beauty community is largely growing thanks to our youtube gurus becoming more mainstream. As time carries on, these two groups continue to split from each other

Well enough is enough! science knows no gender and you can most definitely be feminine while still being in the STEM community. Who says you can't rock a cut crease while applying the Laplace transform to an equation (more on that later). 

Piqued your interest yet? I hope so!

So come and join me in this coming journey of Eyeliners and Engineering...

With love, 

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