Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lets Talk About Polish! : Introductions

This is a new series that I'm starting. im gonna call it "Let Talk about Polish!" since I am embarking in this nail journey for a year. I've made some observations that I feel that I am obliged to talk about. One can get stuck in a rut with the same red or purple nail polish. (I know i was) but like make up, nail polish is something that we can play around with.

Lets Talk About Polish! : Green Nail Polish

Now Lets face it. Some nail polishes are hits and some are misses. Green nail polish is always a nail company's nightmare. (well that's my opinion) Its pretty hard making green nail polish look elegant. and its really easy making it look like a booger color or even making it look childish. When having nail polish, you would want it to stand out and be elegant at the same time (well that's how i want my polish to look). I want my friends to stop and say "OMG your nail polish is GORGEOUS" and I have had that "OMG" moment. I've had those moments from some peachy colors that stood out. and even some outrageous colors.

Now green nail polish...... I have TONS of green shades, and since my rule is to change my polish color. i HAD to wear my green

So theres this China Glaze color called "Entourage" and dont get me wrong, I love China Glaze and i love their wide range of colors. Now in theory, I would have LOVED this color. it was a nice lime green color with a little bit of shimmer. I was wrong.

This particular color might have suited someone with a lighter complexion maybe but not my natural tan skin. It just looked silly and childish. I am only a child (well teenager) but the last thing that i would want is too look even more young with silly bright lime nail polish. In a bad way of saying things. it looked like a highlighter.

(I think the flower made it worst, No?)

Now, Jade is the New Black is a new color from OPI from the Hong Kong Collection. THIS is more my color. I believe this is actually a universal color for any skin complexion. And the name pretty much says it all. it IS the new black.
So if your looking for that "Dare to be green" polish. I would totally recommend OPI's Jade is the New Black

(Watch My Nail Tutorial Using This Nail Color)