Monday, March 28, 2011

NOTD: Shattered In The Sky :D


Hey Guys, So this is my first NOTD with my shatter polish. im actually wearing these nails right now as im typing this. I used Maybelline's Pie In The Sky and i was originally just going to put the shatter as an accent nail (as you can see from the last picture) since im TRYING to conserve my shatter (if anyone is willing to swap, i would LOVE to :D)
But then i just decided to put it in all of my nails! cus im crazy and i like it :D



Well thats pretty much it, i just wanted to share this to you guys. If you have any combos that might be a good idea, please tell me. Im dying to try all types of combos.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Current Obsession: Combat Boot and Nicki Minaj

I first would like to excuse my poses LOL

Hey guys, so i just wanted to share my OOTD and my serious new obsession. Now i live in New York and its a very fashion forward place. Its pretty hard to keep up lol. Sometimes there are some trends that i think are SO outrageous but once i tried them, i fell head over heels in love. (for example, Men's wear. I used to think it would looks horrible on me, but the minute i tried it, it became a serious staple style in my wardrobe)

So a HUGE trend right now is Combat Boots. Specially for spring, it tones down anything that might be super girly or overly floral. I LOVE that look, floral yet rough :) So these are the boots ive been wearing almost everyday. Theyre amazing ly comfortable. They have a zipper on the side with makes it SO much more easier to wear.

So anyway, on to the OOTD. The weather is getting SO much more better here so i decided to wear a gray cardigan and a shirt that has floral detailing on the front. You cant really see it but yeah its there. I know this looks really gray and dreary but i actually used a bright purple bag as a pop of color :)

So thats it. I hope you guys like it. Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite fashion trend for spring? or how do you feel about combat boots? :)







PS. I bought these in Century 21 for just $40 :D

Cardigan: Arden B
Shirt: Love Culture
Leggings: Arden B
Shoes: Bought @ Century 21 but company is called Rebels, Theyre available in (

Ok NOW for Nicki Minaj, I dont like all of her songs, specially the ones with her talking excesively about her lady parts lol. but she has these songs that are tough but still has a girly beat to it. I posted on last time, but this song has been on serious repeat :D
Its called Last Chance and she collaborated with Natasha Bedingfield

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nail Polish Haul + Head2ToeBeauty Rave :)

Ok so lets talk about e-tailers. I am never a big fan of ordering online, specially for polishes. I absolutely hate ordering online but I took a shot specially because i have NO Ulta, Sallys or any place that has the new China Glaze Polishes. So I took a shot with

Lemme first just say EVERYONE! i mean EVERYONE needs to order from here! they are 1st of all international, they ship SO fast! i've never had a package come so fast! I ordered my package on a Wednesday and by Thursday, they had already shipped everything! It took them 2 business days to get it to me so i got it on a Monday. If i had ordered on lets say a monday, i probably would have gotten it much earlier. So lets just say im VERY happy with their shipping. Im not sure about their customer service since i didnt really have too much of a problem, when they shipped it, they gave me a tracking number and I took it from there.

Here was my initial order.....
Its pretty simple, just "add to cart" and that pretty much it.

Now my order came, and they FILLED the box to the brim with packing peanuts, and these were a B-I-T-C-H to get rid of off my hand because of the static LOL

So they packed it in China Glaze boxes like these and since I ordered more China Glaze, im guessing thats why i got China Glaze boxes. Props to them for re-using boxes. i saw the tops of the boxes and it had a label of different polishes to good job on recycling there Head2ToeBeauty :)

and heeeeerrrrreeeessss the polishes :D

Here are the polishes that i ordered.

Now lemme tell you why i initially ordered from Head2ToeBeauty, I was actually debating on either 8ty8beauty or this site, BUT! the only reason why i was ordering is to get Sea Spray and well 8ty8beauty has it out of stock (BOO!) safe to say, i only ordered from Head2ToeBeauty because they had what I wanted in stock. SO NOT regretting it :D

I also got some other polishes from the Up In The Air collection, and i got ANOTHER For Audrey polish just as a back up :) (yes, im pretty much crazy lol)
BTW im SOOOO excited to try Re-Fresh Mint. There are SO many people who talked about this and im SO excited.

So Suffice to say, im VERY happy with my purchase :D I only have ONE TINY problem.

(Isnt that such an awesome problem)

So Here is the site to the E-tailer: Head2ToeBeauty
Order from them, theyre AWESOME! :D

So ill see you guys next time!

Till the next post
-Jemm x3

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Princesa Livia's Sigma Giveaway

Here is an awesome give away by a blogger that ive been following for a while now. I absolutely LOVE her taste in make up. I always love it when she has a new blog post. So click on the picture to enter it :D

Shes giving away a set of the NEW SigMAX brushes. Frankly, ive been meaning to try these out specially because i heard about a million and one raves/reviews on it, Im a big fan of liquid foundation and i have a feeling if i am in the possesion of these brushes, my search for the perfect foundation brush will end :) Livia herself doesnt use heavy foundation but I do so im hoping i could win these brushes so I can give them a try :)

So check out her review here:

and enter her giveaway by just clicking on the picture :)

*I own absolutely NO rights to this picture btw :)*

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You SHATTERED me at hello.


So after about a good 2 months of searching for this polish, i FINALLY found it. I actually found this in New York's famous beauty supply store; Ricky's. I actually took a shot in the dark cus i was out with my friends around Columbus Circle and we were going to an event for our club. I just happened to spot Ricky's and well i knew i wasnt gonna find it. I go in and ask the people inside and what did i see just a few inches down my nose? BLACK SHATTER! I gasped SO loud that im sure people from the back could hear me, even with the music blasting. That was it. I HAD to buy it. Unfortunately, Ricky's is INCREDIBLY over priced. (i.e. OPI Polishes are $12+tax D:) Specially for this polish. it was about $15!!!!! But after debating for about 2 seconds, i pulled out my wallet and bought it. and i dont regret a thing :D

The second me and my friends stepped out of the store, i pulled it out and did a little demo for my friends and justified my decision, they were in agreement with me LOL. I kept saying half the time "Am I Crazy for buying this" and all my friends said were "No, its worth it. I should have bought one" (I have very supportive friends lol)



So anyway, here is the Black Shatter polish :D (picture 1 & 2)
I didnt really have a problem applying it. I kept hearing that it was streaky and such but its fine, its not bad. its pretty damn good actually. I dont regret one cent. The 3rd picture is the nail i did in the middle of the street with my friends "Oh"-ing and "Ah"-ing :D

Here is the Rickys Website if you're interested in what it is, or if you're unfamiliar.

Well now that i have the Shatter, im SO convinced on buying the other one coming up in the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. YOU BEST BELIEVE IM DOING SOME NOTD's ON THIS :D

Here are some shatter NOTD's that im loving and considering to paint on my nails
•Mica G's "Glittery Lava" (Thats my description btw lol)

•Holly Ann's "Girly Shatter"

•Cecilia's "Chocolatey Shatter"

Till the next post :D (which will probably be my shatter polish of the week :D)

P.S. The Nail Colors underneath the shatter is OPI's Shoot out at the OK Coral and Sally Hansen's Strobe Light :)

If you guys want to get your own shatter polish, heres a give away that im currently entering in :D

It ends at April 7th so GO ENTER! :D
Click on the picture to the link or the sidebar


Monday, March 14, 2011

FOTD: Silent Treatment Works. For Eyeshadow :)


Hey guys, So I'm sure you guys have seen the new Wet N Wild Trios, Ive been seriously obsessed with Silent Treatment. I wish i could do swatches but my lighting is VERY off. So anyway. Here is my looks for it. I dont like following instructions (cus im a BADASS LOL) specially in make up, i might do it first but then i find ways to suit it better for myself.





So I used the brow bone color for my lid,
the Eyelid color for my crease
and the Crease color for my Outer corner.

I just felt like this would make it look more suitable for daytime because i love me my neutral smokey taupes for everyday.

Here are the other products i used on my face

•L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base
•Maybelline Fit Me Foundation: 325
•ELF Blush and Contour Duo (I used the bronzer side for a contour and i OBVIOUSLY like it, i mean look, i hit pan! lol)
•Lorac Blush: Soul
•ELF Concealer Duo (I forgot the name, It kinda exploded in my bag and i threw it out :/)

•L'Oreal Lipstick: Bella Donna Mauve

•Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trio: Silent Treatment
•MUFE Eyeshadow: 301
•Wet N Wild Cream Liner: Black

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Sigma Brushes Came! Thanks LUUUX :D (PIC HEAVY)


Hey guys so after bitching in twitter for about 2 weeks, my Sigma Brush Order finally came :D
Now dont get me wrong, I love LUUUX and all the people in it but i always had this thought in the back of my mind that LUUUX was just a scam. (Dont lie, i know you had it too! lol) but when I went in my room and found my package, i yelled out "THANK YOU LUUUX" :D
So let me take you through my LUUUX order journey

02/10/2011 - Order Was Completed
02/16/2011 - Processing
02/21/2011 - Completed
03/04/2011 - My Order Came

Like i said, i had many temper tantrums about my order on twitter, and Sigma was actually nice enough to see my tweet and they tweeted back asking me if i wanted to see what the order of my status was. (SUPER nice of Sigma to do that)
So yeah props to Sigma

I promise to do a first impression on the brushes once i thoroughly try them out but so far, things are going good. Im not gonna do a full on review because there are plenty of really good reviews out there lol.


So lets talk a little about my package. In it, they have their famous "Free Gift" a mini version of the E25. (Which im seriously loving right now) I know its suppose to be a mini version of it but I think the handle is long enough for me. Its not too difficult to hold.


So the set is suppose to include a black mirror. But i got white one. Well i first didnt care cus well a mirror is a mirror lol. but then i thought maybe there was a glitch in my order. But then i found a tiny note from Sigma saying "They were out of Black Mirrors" and i thought it was nice of them to put that. They could have just taken out the mirror all together but nope, they still gave me the pearly one which i think is MORE cuter than the black one. So once again Thanks Sigma and LUUUX



So yeah, in my beautiful mesh black bag (which i am keeping) There are some pamphlets with cleaning instructions and directions on what to do with the brushes. This is great for beginners but i like to think of myself as a little bit more than an amateur. I dont really follow instructions (cus im a bad ass LOL) and well I like finding unconventional way to use something other than its actual purpose

Here is the brush roll it came with. I actually think this is SO gorgeous. its simple but it feels like its great quality and it SO soft :D

Heres what it looks like when i unopened it :D I think i squealed at this moment LOL I was SO excited like you have NO idea lol. I mean they are just brushes but youre talking to a girl who uses broken brushes lol.

Here they are :D Im so excited to try them out. I wont be doing a review only because their are SO many reviews on Sigma brushes so ill just be doing a review for no reason. plus im kind of biased because i think all brushes are awesome lol.

But yeah, thats it for today :D Let me leave you with a song ive been TOTALLY obsessing over. and its by Nicki Minaj! I used to not like her but this song is just amazing. the beat is amazing :D and well the bass is amazing too. hence the song. its called Super Bass

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Back Up Box :)

Hey guys, i thought i would share with you guys my "Back Up" box :) It used to be my "Back Up" drawer but it got way too filled so i just placed it in a box.



1. So the first thing you see is my Mint Julep Mask. I have a back up of it because i never want to be without it. Its also not that easy to find for me. Its always either sold out or they dont sell it, so when i do find it, I buy one extra. :)

2. Second picture is suppose to be my brushes, i had another brush here but i used it already. I only have left is my ELF blush brush which i use for my foundation (it works wonders btw for a nice kind of air brushed finish)

3. I have a back up of my Wet N Wild Silent Treatment Trio. I bought this before i knew that they were going to be in their permanent line. But even still, once they restock those trios, ill be buying more of it as back ups because im crazy like that LOL

4.Now my eye stuff :) I have an extra eyelash curler from Revlon which my sister got for me. I have a Jordana eyeshadow (from their old packaging) in Toast. Its my absolute favorite for defining the crease. When i found out that they were discontinuing this, I had to buy a back up. It works unbelievably and its just like a high end eyeshadow. Another eye thing that i have is my Telescopic macscara. I bought a back up when they were selling it for only $5

5. I dont have a lot of lip stuff, but I do have this one lipstick. This is my favorite Red lipstick. Its by L'Oreal and its called True Red and i already started dipping into it. I also have a bunch of Stila Lipglazes that i didnt used yet. I had way to many lipglazes so i just decided to put it in my back up box. The colors are in; Grapefruit, Merry Merry and Apricot

6. For Nail Stuff, these are some things that my friends bought me that i had doubts of already. I have a back up of my China Glaze Nail Strengthener and Growth Formula, a Nail Polish in Chiaroscuro (My FAVORITE nail polish of ALL time). A Confetti Nail Polish in Moon Struck and a Laurent Dornel Nail Polish Called Rose Farouche. Im not sure about the brand because my moms friend got it for me when she was in Paris

So do you guys keep a back up box? if so then, What's In Yours? Leave a comment and tell me :)

Till next time :D
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