Monday, April 23, 2012

Current Purchases of 04-23-12 :)

Hey Guys!
I wanted to go ahead and post this "haul." But "haul" is not my favorite word. Lets call this my "Current Purchases".

So I wanted to go ahead and share a few item that I just recently got. I unfortunately got all of these in one day (I ordered a few things a week ago but JUST got them in) and I know! I seriously need to stop buying make up but it seriously is such a disease! Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and share it because my initial thoughts of it are pretty amazing


So I have learned a great lesson and started researching my make up before buying them. Dont get me wrong, i still have impulse buy (like my current Hautelook buys) and here are a few of them. I ordered from HauteLook when they had. Here are some things that I picked up
- Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil in NSA
- Urban Decay Shadow Pencil Stash Set

I heard about Wet n Wild's new bronzers through many blogs. I already think that a lot you guys have heard of it but in case you haven't, Wet N Wild came out with 2 new bronzers and an illuminator. I cant even explain how amazing these powders are. I only got the illuminator and the darkest bronzer because the other one is a little too shimmery. They labelled the illuminator as a "bronzer" but i really dont think it is. It leaves such a gorgeous light satin shimmer and I will do a post for you guys. But anyway, i got:
- Wet N Wild Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil
- Wet N Wild "Bronzer" in Reserve Your Cabana

Now, It's time to show some Milani products. I am not actually that exposed with this brand, but after these purchases, I think ill be doing some exploring (after a good allotted time has passed since this purchase) But I went ahead and just got 2 products. I got these when they were they had a Buy one, Get one 40%. I actually got these since these were the more popular products. Here are the things that I got:
- Milani Nail Polish in Pink Flare
- Milani Baked Blush in Coralina

This one purchase isnt very exciting. I actually just got the Seche Vite top coat. I gotta say, I think i'll start using this again. It just dries my polish amazingly and the finish is awesome!

We have reached the stretch! These are the last few items that I got. They are all lip products. Lets face it, we all love the Revlon Lip Butters and well I am definitely one of those people. I heard great things about these two colors and I wanted to pick them up. Another reason why I did is because Revlon Lip Products are only $6 in CVS! I wanted to share this because i rwant you guys to catch this deal. Other than that, I also got a lipstick from Wet N Wild. I think its a new color. I think that its absolutely gorgeous! Definitely wait for a post because I think i found my perfect pink lipstick :)
- Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart
- Revlon Lip Butter in Creamsicle
- Wet N Wild Lipstick in Dont Blink Pink

Anyway, thats it guys! Let me know in the comments if you guys want a review or post on any of these products :)

Till later!
- Jemimah

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dupe Alert!: Sephora's Tangerine Tango :)

Hey Guys!

I know, i know. I dont wanna hear it! it seems like I've only been posting about once a month but I do have some rather fun ones to post soon. Anyway, this one is about Sephora's Tangerine Tango lipstick and how i found a possible dupe.


So unless you havent heard, Sephora paired up with Pantone Universe and created a make up line that was solely based on the color of the year; which is Tangerine Tango. Frankly, when I heard that it was a tangerine color, I jumped at it the first chance I got. It was actually on sale only for VIBs first but its now open to the public. Now that thats done, this is still a sought after lipstick and I do think that it is great for almost any skin tone. The smell of it is also AMAZING, but Ill get to that soon.

Anyway, at $18 a tube, it is kind of expensive and I'm not gonna lie that it is pretty small. It also is a fairly daring color so it might not be so appealing to someone who hasnt tried bold colors. But i do have a solution! I have found a color fairly similar to Tangerine Tango, it is much cheaper and it is more accessible to some :)


As many of you know, Revlon came out with a line of lip butters. I actually bought one color that I had for a while, just didnt use it. That color is Tutti Frutti. Frankly, i didnt know that it was about the same as Tangerine Tango until i swatched them together.


I think its safe to say that they are unbelievably similar. BUT there are some differences.

Sephora's Tangerine Tango
- It does lean a little more to being a cool tone (but just a little bit)
- It has a very distinct scent
- Leaves a slight tint
- Lasts much longer than the Revlon one

Revlon's Tutti Frutti
- It does take a few more swipes before getting this intensity
- Does NOT have a scent (which could be great for some more sensitive to scents)
- Re-applying is a must to keep the color
- More moisturizing than the Sephora one.

They might not be the exact same lip colors but if you have been wanting to try out the Sephora lipstick, i suggest that you try the Revlon one first. And at a price range of $7-$9 (depending on where you get it) What's there to lose?

Anyway, please let me know what you guys think of this color


If you guys want me to dupe anything, let me know in the comments

till later
- Jemimah :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

OPI's Pink Friday :)

Hey Guys!

Time for another one of my nail posts. This time its on OPI's Pink Friday.


So if you are familiar with this polish (as I'm sure everyone is) this is from the Nicki Minaj collection that i think is still out. Its named after her famous color and her album. I dont have her MAC lipstick named after this color but im sure its a very similar shade. But the color is very much a light pink. It kinda reminds me of cotton candy actually. One of the nail blogs that I saw described it as a "pepto bismol" color and i thought it was pretty funny lol. Its kind of border lining on pastel but theres something about it that doesnt make it fully pastel


Now as for the formula, you'll be happy to know that it took about 2 coats to get this. Its not one of those "one swipers" but 2 coats can be just right. It can be a little bit streaky but i kind of expected that because of the color. Other than that, i dont have any bigger concerns.


Anyway, please let me know what you guys think of this color in the comments :)

till later
- Jemimah

Monday, April 9, 2012

Current Favorites :)


Hey Guys!
I wanted to go ahead and show my Current Favorites. I haven't done a "favorites" post in a while and i thought doing a more "current" one is fitting. Anyway, here are just a couple of products that i've been loving.

LORAC Behind The Scenes Eyeshadow Primer: I bought this primer during the Ulta sale, and i've been using ever since. I gotta say, this is going to be my new holy grail primer. This lasts MUCH longer than my Urban Decay Primer. I suggest that you guys should try it out

Covergirl Cream Shadow in Blue Bomb: My mom actually gave me this cream shadow. I thought of uses for this and while experimenting, i used it as an inner corner highlight and it actually really opens up your eyes. Ive been loving how long this stays on as well. Another great product.

Maybelline Color Tattoos in Tough as Taupe and Bold Gold: I LOVE these cream shadows! I was never a big fan of cream shadows, they always usually crease on me. This might be the first cream shadow that very creased on me.. and I didnt even set it with a shadow. I must say im incredible impressed by it :)


MAC Eyeliner in Minted: I have been crazy over green liners lately. This is definitely my favorite. Its a nice emerald base with a light teal shimmer. I think this is a part of their permanent collection and this definitely makes green eyes pop.

Maybelline Gel Liner in Forrest: This is a again another green liner. I usually use this as a base for my MAC eyeliner. Its a dark green and it has an emerald shimmer. This is unfortunately limited edition but there are plenty of these colors available. Its definitely something to look at :)


NARS Eyeshadow in California: I have been loving a lot of color and this is kind of a great transition. I usually apply this all over the lid or use it on my crease. I gotta admit, i only started using this because of Gigi on GCB. I thought the orange/copper color looked great on brown eyes.

MAC Pigment in Melon: This is my go to eyeshadow for whenever i feel a little lazy. I just use this with my finger, a little liner and im out the door. This is my transition shade for spring to summer and I always go back to this.


Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara: I found my holy grail mascara! This is probably the most amazing mascara that ive dealt with. This really defines my lashes on the first coat. It then volumizes it on the next one. The best thing about this is that it doesnt smudge. That was probably one of the biggest issues i had with mascara, but this is pretty incredible. I really do like it.


Real Techniques Detailer Brush: This is the only brush that i wanna feature. When i first got this brush, i had no idea what to do with it. It wasnt until i started using cream highlighters for my inner corner that i figured out a use for it. I love that its very precise on blending out color.


MAC Lipstick in Spirit: Since i have been using a lot of colors on my eyes, i thought i would be a little more neutral my lips. I use a bunch, but this has been my favorite. Its a satin finish so i just use a little bit of Rose Bud Salve and it leaves a great lip combination.

Pur-Lisse Lip Moisturizer: I got this in my Glam Bag and i do think this is a full sized product. I LOVE this! I use this before i do my make up and it really leaves my lips very moisturized and it makes it easier to work with.


Jesse's Girl nail polish in JulieG: This is no doubt my go to spring polish. I absolutely LOVE the color. The formula of it is not the best, but i can sort of bare with it. Check out my post on it :)

China Glaze nail polish in Harvest Moon: I featured this polish during myHunger Games Week. This is probably my favorite out of the entire Hunger Games collection and yes, i do have all of the nail polishes from that collection. This is such a gorgeous color! I do have a post on this an it is pretty in depth so if you want to see it, please check it out :)

Anyway, thats it for now. Please leave a comment below on what you think of my favorites and i will see you guys in the next post :)

till later
- Jemimah

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jessie's Girl - JulieG


Hey Guys!

I totally just left you guys hanging after the Hunger Games Week series that i had. (If you didnt see it, just click the link :D) but I do have a bunch of other posts soon :) I just did some major haulage during the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty so i'll be posting that up soon. But anyway, this will be ANOTHER nail polish post, and i definitely have some opinions about it. This is the Jessie's Girl Nail Polish in JulieG


This nail polish is the most perfect coral nail polish and i have been on the search for a good coral nail polish and well I think i found it. I usually find that some corals look too orange or too pink on me. I find that this one is just about the best balances that i can find. I still has a sort of "pink" side but it still has an orange tinge to it. Its also bright which is great because i usually find that some corals are too "neon" looking on me but i thought this was was about the right amount of brightness.


Now lets talk about the formula. I usually just sing praises about the nail polish but i really didnt like this one. The formula was a PAIN in the you know what! I think its because im just used to the "one swipe, opaque" polishes, but i thought that this was kind of sheer. Its completely buildable, ill give it that but i had to do about 3-4 coats to fully get the best coat. This is probably why the polish looks the way it does but i guess its alright. I feel like i have a love/hate relationship with this polish. I LOVE the polish SO much, but its a complete pain to apply


Anyway, please let me know what you guys think of this polish in the comments below :)

till later
- Jemimah

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