Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another China Glaze Haul.. with one Wet N' Wild

What a Surprise, I bought MORE China Glaze. Sadly their supplies of China Glaze are dwindling, I walked in there hoping to see brand new colors from South Pole, but most of the colors i already had. (BOO!) I guess next time I go there, Im gonna buy mostly Wet N' Wild since they have that too (for 99¢ as opposed to $1.29 LOL BIG difference right?) but hey, every penny counts.

im babbling -___- ON TO THE HAUL! :D

Royal Tease - China Glaze
Its suppose to be a shimmer but it looks a little metallic to me. but i dont know. it look ALOT like Harmony - China Glaze. its just another purple I guess. One can never have enough purple.

Laced Up - China Glaze
Yet another color from the kicks collection. its a pretty simple creme color. but it looks really cute

Caribbean Temptation - China Glaze
This Might be my favorite China Glaze Color EVER!, I probably said that I will never every pick favorites with my China Glaze, but it was love at first sight so i cant help it. but its such a pretty dual chrome pink color and I will change my nail polish color right now just to wear this

Afterglow - China Glaze
This is my second favorite color. its such a pretty dual chrome color of coral and pink. now i know, i know, it took me like 3 coats till i got the true color. but i seriously love it.

Agent Lavender - China Glaze
It looks white here but it looks alot like Done Out In Deco - OPI. the truth is, i only got it cuz its in the Operation Colour Collection like Code Orange. but i like this as well.

In The Lime Light (Neon) - China Glaze
I dunno if it was just mine, but is it more liquidy? but other than that, I like it. its takes 2 coat to make it look nice but other than that, I have no other complaints

Frostbite - China Glaze
The picture is washing it out a little, its alot more darker than that. a little sheer but not a whole lot. its in the SKI collection and its ohkay i guess..

Black Creme - Wet N' Wild
This is actually my only Wet N' Wild color and it left me with an amazing impression. The swatch that your seeing right now is only ONE coat. thats crazy! and for a really cheap price! you'll be seeing alot of Wet N' Wild hauls pretty soon

well thats it for now. KhayThanksBYE :D

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I Think its time to buy more clear coat...

Check Out The TOP COAT! yeah I use some cheapo top coat. I dont mind it, just as long as it does its job its all good. but seriously... i think i have to buy 3 more bottles of this thing if its gonna get me through the year

So, on with my nail journey. ohhh btw, last weeks color was Outta Bounds - China Glaze. i just didnt post it cuz well, i had FINALS all week. but now that its Regents week, i have all day to do absolutely nada :]

anyways. here is whats on my nails right now as i am typing this. it is Shootout At The OK Coral - OPI. I was skeptical at first sight but once I opened that bottle, I fell head to toe in love. but as I mentioned in my previous blog, Im still in love with Cozu-Melted in the Sun.

but yea, I saw the name and I saw "Coral". I did NOT think it was coral. I thought it was some type of neon pink. but i still bought it.

Dont it look pretty :]

from up close, you can really see the coral-ness of it but from far away, it looks pink and neon.
and i really like that.

*i am sad to report that it HAS chipped like crazy, but thats probably because of my horrid top coat. ill probably get Seche Vite since its like the best thing on the market.

well see you guys later. khayThanksBye :]

A shopaholic is never satisfied

Being the self proclaimed shopaholic that I am, i cant help but shop shop shop!

(well to be fair, I bought all of this stuff on the weekend and its thursday??)
holy crap! i totally lost track of the week. I had NO clue it was thursday!

its cuz i had NO school the entire week. (thank god for Regents week)

But anywhoooo. heress some stuff i got.

thanks to that obnoxious flash, you can BARELY see it, but the curvyness of the bottle is very distinctive to any make up addict.
yupp thats UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) and a review of that will be up VERY soon. all i gotta say is its the best!

well i HAD to, the place where i bought my OPI nail polishes where having a sale on The OPI holiday collection. only $4.50! BUT i only got 3 colors since they were basically SOLD out.
but I didnt mind it lol.

Shootout At The OK Coral - OPI
(probably the longest nail polish name EVER^^)

other than the SUPER long name, its probably my second favorite OPI nail polish (cuz will EVER beat out Cozu-Melted In The Sun)
I am actually wearing it NOW.
(BTW after further research, i DOUBT this is in their Holiday Collection)

Comet Loves Cupid - OPI
ehh, nothing really special. its just a nice red creme color. PRETTY SIMILAR to Scarlet - China Glaze. I still love my OPI

Glove You So Much - OPI
ohh I DO glove you so much. I swatched this
beautiful thing on my nail and i LOVE it. a litte dark for me but no complaints. i actually used this for a ring that i was making (I will post that soon) but yeaaa i really like it.

This might be my favorite cardigan yet....

it looks AWESOME on me. and i fell in love with it the first time i saw it. actually, at fiirst i thought the buttons were too much. but once i put it on, it looked uh-mazing. the brown buttons really accents the harsh pink and gray stripes and i just love it. Its a little tight on me but I dont really mind. i thought about pairing it up with a white tank top but i was fresh out of them. i planned on wearing it the next day that i bought it and i was in a desperate search for a white shirt. I just said "FUCK IT" and wore a black tank top and i gotta say, it was awesome! i felt so confident and i think I really loved it.

Here's me with my outfit....

well thats it for now. khayThanksBye :D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

those 3-5 seconds that I keep replaying

Now Playing: Better in Time - Leona Lewis

That's never good sign, when i start cranking out my "Crushing" playlist on my ipod, you KNOW somethings wrong. lately i've been thinking alot, and since i AM obviously a teenage girl, you already know that most of my troubles are about Boys.

Boys always complain about how complicated girls are but they are just as complicated. or do us girls just over complicate things that are simple. UGH things are so complicated.

but anyway back to the topic at hand. as you've read in the title, this is about something that happened within 3-5 seconds. those seconds thats still racing in my mind to this minute. those seconds that i keep repeating and over analyzing......

it all started about 2 weeks ago. and the fact that i like a guy. (I will NOT mention REAL names, but if hes reading this, he probably knows its him so w.e.)
anyway.... my friends and I were in our usual spot in the trainstaion. then a bunch of our junior friends came too (they were all guys by the way). Whenever they come, they always want to play truth or dare, and we usually play, but this time it was different...

My friend(who im calling "Chuck") is best friends with the guy i like (lets call him "Andrew"). But anyway, the news has just started to spread around that i like "Andrew", and unfortunately it also spread to my junior friends. So my friends "Mo", "Waldo" and "Chuck" decided to set me up. actually, they ALL set me up, but dont get me wrong, it was sweet but it wasnt for the right purposes.

im rambling... but yeah back to my story. We played truth or dare and we used an app on Mo's phone, since he was the only one who saw it, he pretty much controlled who did what and what they would do. Naturally, he first called Andrew's name, he said the dare was "Make Out Passionately with the 3rd female to your left" (which we all knew was BULLSHIT). Obviously that 3rd female was me. I refused to do it.... why? well i dont wanna force Andrew to make out with me because of a stupid dare that Mo concocted. so yeah, I moved as far as i can, but Chuck and Mo kept pushing him to me. I just gave up and i just stood there..... after a few seconds i felt a bump. Chuck and Mo were pretty much bumped our heads together hoping for a kiss. I thought this nightmare was over and it was for a few minutes cuz we moved on to other people. These other people where my friend Paula and Alex. This game was also ment for them because the word was that they liked each other, and it was obvious. Their dare was to make out too, but Paula said it was unfair cuz me and Andrew didnt do our dare. So we made a deal, if me and Andrew did our dare, then Paula and Alex would do their dare.

..... and this is where it begins. I obviously wanted to see Paula and Alex make out but, i had to make out with Andrew first. all that was going on in my mind was -_________-
But i stood up and just stood there...

i could still remember it... I remember Mo and Chuck on my left side all excited to see us do it. and the rest of our audience was to my right just anxious to see us... I came in closer, so did he and we kissed... we were about to make out until.. Chuck said "WAIT! LICK YOUR LIPS FIRST" We pulled away and i stepped back, I tried to convince everyone that that was it.... but they werent satisfied. (to tell you the truth, i wasnt either) so it took another 1 minute to get us closer. This was it, it was getting dark and this was out 3rd attempt. and you know what they say, "Third times the charm"... I closed my eyes and just went for it....

this was the first time that I EVER kissed anyone with my eyes closed, not ever with my previous boyfriends.

I could still remember every detail that was going on in my head... I was expecting music going off in my head (specifically I Wanna - The All American Rejects* which is playing as I type this,)
I didnt hear music, I heard nothing..... it was quiet and it felt like it was just the two of us. Then reality smacked me in the face, I remembered that the deal was to just make out for 3 seconds. I forgot all about the time limit until it was about 3 seconds in... then all these thoughts started racing in my head. "Is He into it?", "What was going on in his head?", "Does he know its just suppose to be 3 seconds?" all of these thoughts were in my head..... and the next thing that i know was i pulled away with my hand over my lips, i then walked as far away as possible from him but still close to my friends... It was over.................

The next thought in my head was it was Paula's and Alex's turn... but in the corner of my eye, i was trying to see Andrew, i was trying to see what was his expression, then Paula and Alex made out for a good time. until Eddie (one of my closest guy friends) ruined it. but when they were making out, all i was thinking. DAMN i shouldnt have pulled away from Andrew ... it was too late and the subway was coming. so we all parted our ways. but ofcourse Andrew took the same train as i did. i was glad that my house was two stops from where we took the train.

I know im breaking our cardinal rule which is "What happens in Queensboro, Stays in Queensboro" but no REAL names were said and so im safe. but i did have to just write this down or else its gonna blow up in my head. if i didnt, i would still be obsessing over it. and this is just my process of getting over Andrew i know its silly but this is how i am. this is how i move on....

Now Playing: Why Didn't I - Honor Society
(this pretty much decribes my feelings)

well to anyone ACTUALLY reading this, this is basically my diary. and I hope you understand my LONG ASS post. I promise to post happier things from now on.

well until later khayThanksBye :/

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Haulage with tiny reviews

Well you may or may not know but, it was MLK day and i stayed at home. i was bored so i decided to do a liddle shopping.

heree is my haulage

Green With Envy - Sally Hansen
its the glossy version of Gargantuan Green Grape Matte - OPI it has a nice color pay off and im pretty pleased.

White On - Sally Hansen
nothing too special, i just needed a white nail polish. its color pay of is AMAZING. it took one swipe and that pleases me

Tree Hugger - China Glaze
so yea, i just picked this color up with out any thought. i swatched it on my nail and WOW! thats all i gotta say. it has such a pretty lime green irridesence and i LOVE it. This was in the EColection.

Fairy Dust - China Glaze
This is probably the best thing thats happened to my nails. its a VERY pretty glitter. its name does it justice because it DOES look like fairy dust. I think ive put it on every nail polish color that ive put on. i love love LOVE this glitter

Golden Enchantment - China Glaze
This came out with the same colleection as Fairy dust and i gotta say im impressed. but i only but on this gold glitter with colors like green, orange or even yellow. that not so bad

Go Go Pink - China Glaze
a really baby pink color. its a pretty creme color and it takes a few coats to appear. its not so bad but ehh its alright

Code Orange - China Glaze
at first, i thought the color SUCKED, but when I swatched it. it looked SOOO pretty. it gave such a nice sheen to it and i gotta say, im a fan. i believe this came with
the Operation Colour collection. and i LOVE that collection, hopefully ill find more in South Pole

i got this ELF Hypershine Gloss and i gotta say im LOVING it! ive always wanted to try ELF stuff. i got the eyeshadow duo and i was very impressed.
This set came with Flirt which is the peachy color (and ive been using that EVERYday)
it comes with Va Va Voom (also an everyday color)
and Vixen. you know what all of these colors are EVERYday colors. i really love them. its such a same that there isnt more ELF retailers around :/

i got this ELF liquid eyeliner. ive tested them out and i only like the black. i dont mind the two other colors. i would have liked it if it was more pigmented

I also got an Eyeshadow by Maybelline. its called Sparking Wine.
Heres a swatch, its really nice. it doesnt look very "Wine" color but its more of a sparkling brown. but you dont hear me complaining. i've been using it everyday lately

i will have reviews on the Hypershine Gloss and i will SHOP for more China Glazes soon.
cuz well.. i just LOVE China Glaze. ill probably show you guys a picture of South Pole and how sketchy it is. i dont really care though cuz its the BEST. anywhoo. till next time
KhayThanksBye ;D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

For Audrey made Fancier

after some serious consideration, (and ALOT of nail polish remover) I removed Cozu-Melted in the sun - OPI and put on For Audrey - China Glaze

It was about 1 week so I didn't break any of my new years rules, I just couldn't help myself. I kept staring at my China Glazes and i just NEEDED to do it.

So when i put on For Audrey, my first thoughts were. "Ugh SO PRETTY :D" BUT! for a color that's suppose to look elegant and expensive, it just look not soo pretty.

so as you can see, it look like a blob of tiffany blue in my nails, and i did NOT like that at all,
I decided to do something about this.

ahhh, much better :] So i applied a SILVER french tip and now its SO much better. since this color is a tiffany box blue color, silver is a very appropriate color. and this made it so much more elegant. I love it now.

so tell me what you think of it. I TOTALLY suggest that you do it too

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

China Glaze Makes Me Happy

So I hate that there isnt a retailer for China Glaze Nail Polish. So Sally's Beauty Salon or any type of store, BUT! (and there is a butt lol) I found a thrift store that sells all kinds of stuff. I went there with my friends during halloween to find last minute costumes and I saw SO much China Glaze for $1.95!!!!

unfortunately, I didnt bring my wallet (BOOOOOO!!) and I didnt get to buy them, but now that i had some time, I went a little crazy and bought SO much,

(its suppose to be like $60 worth but I only paid 20 bucks)
I bought 10 colors

Heres the colors with more details and my commentary lol

B-Girlz (<-- I felt weird writing that lol)

Scarlet(oh scarlet! such a glossy red you are)

Oh How Street It Is(Not really "street" more like "orange")

For Audrey(This is a MUST for ANY, you NEED this color)

Outta Bounds (No witty comment for that [:)

Aqua Baby (Oh Yea Baby, thats a keeper)

Rain Storm (The Pic Doesnt Do its justice, such a cute periwinkle color)

Devotion(Lighter, Metallic Version of Done Out In Deco - OPI)

Harmony (I think this color and I will live in harmony)

Seduce me (Proper Name, it IS very seductive)

I really hate having to pay retail for a bottle of nail polish, so when I saw the price, I DAMN near fainted lol.
I'm starting to think that I'm obsessed with it, but this is my new year's resolution.

yess, my new years resolution was to change my nail color for each 1-2 weeks. I want this to be the 1st resolution that i wanna achieve for the first time.

Well, till' next time. khayThanksBYE! ;D

Oh Emm Gee!

So its currently, 2:13 as im writing this(typing w.e.) and I decided to start a blog for i dunno what reason.

sooo lets talk about my future posts:

-if im having a good day, i'll probably do anything cosmetic type thing,
-if im having a NOT so good day, ill vent the shit out of my blog, so bare with me :]

so yeah, since i HAD a good day, ill be posting a haul khaythanksbyee :)