Sunday, January 27, 2013

Eve Nguyen's Giveaway!

Hey Guys!

Just wanna pop on to check out this AWESOME give away that Eve Nguyen is hosting. She is giving away the Urban Decay Basics Palette!

Go check it out HERE

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Wishlist Haul: Nail Polish! & Giveaway Announcement!


Hi Guys!
I wanted to share this haul with you guys. I have been lusting over some of these polishes. Before you guys ask, I don’t usually like buying my polishes full price, I usually buy them from an online seller and I will link it in the bottom. Warning: There is a LOT of glitter in this post. 

Glitter All The Way: This polish has all small glitters with the same size but they are different colors. This polish just screams “Mardi Gras” to me

Pizzazz: Yet another glitter polish. This one is much more chunky thank the first glitter that I showed but you already know that it will be a paaaaain to remove

Get Carried Away: This polish, I found was really unique but weird, ill definitely do a post on this soon because it is really interesting

Glitter Goblin: This polish was from the Halloween collection and it looks very cool. It doesn’t seem to be too pigmented to it could be made as a top coat

Water You Waiting For: This polish is GORGEOUS! I know it will be a pain to remove also and it is just a gorgeous polish! 

Surreal Appeal: This is SUCH a gorgeous coral color and I will do a post of this soon. Lets just say that this is definitely an A+ in my book

Re-Fresh Mint: This is just a repurchase. Since spring is coming up soon, I definitely would need another one to prepare myself for the upcoming season
Please let me know if you want to see any polishes in a separate post.

I will be having a small give away soon both on LUUUX and on my blog. Keep an eye out soon! I will make it a touch interesting though! I hope you guys start following me and you’ll see it soon :)

Where I buy my polishes:
Join LUUUX Here!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Worth The Hype?: Benefit's They're Real Mascara

Hi Guys!
I'm here with another Worth The Hype? post. And this product is and was probably the most hyped product in the beauty world.
It is Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Now I know what you're thinking, you've probably see a TON of videos or posts on this mascara. Let me do s quick sort of disclaimer now. Let me describe how my lashes are naturally and if you have the similar issue, then keep on reading! This is s "quickie" post sooo I don't wanna waste your time :)

Very straight yet somewhat long.
The fact that this mascara isn't waterproof and it can hold a curl makes it an A+ in my books. It makes my lashes look amazing and frankly, I'm very pleased.

It definitely IS worth the hype!
The verdict is... WORTH IT!
Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!